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14:20, 31/01/11

So yeah, I have a Keylogger…..I think

Since I can't log into the game with my own password atm…soooo yeah…

So I'm follwing the account recovery steps, doing a full virus scan, etc etc.

Wierd thing is, I can still post here.

Maybe it's because I was still logged in or whatever, but I don't mind.

Look at my Armory and proffs.

See something wierd? I got the ach for proffesional grand master AND I explored Vash'jir…

Can any kind soul log into the Turalyon realm to see if one of the following characters are online atm in some wierd location?

Xolgan(This guy)

Lineana(Bank alt)




I know it probably won't do any good, but I just want to know.

I hope I can get my account back

14:20, 31/01/11

It looks like this has since been solved; thanks for all the helpful replies!

Just to reiterate what has already been said, please make some time to read through the various security advice stickies that we have, and if possible, invest in an authenticator (either the app for your mobile phone, or the physical version from our online store).

►► Account Hacked/Stolen? CLICK HERE! ◄◄

Fake or ‘Phishing’ E–mails from Blizzard Account Security

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