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23:10, 23/02/11

Hi there and thx for looking into my thread

Lately I am having problems with my loading screens and I am having random freezes when I cast a spell or use an ability.

The loading screen's bar fills up at normal speed, but then freezes at 100% for some seconds. I am at the place where i should be (tested that with friends) but i can't see it yet. Disabling much of my addons doesn't seem to be helping here.

Also I am having random freezes in–game, for instance when i use Holy Shock (instant cast), this is really annoying during pvp, or when trying to do something quickly.

My pc's stats:

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium (SP2) (32–bit)

CPU: Dual–Core 2.50 GHz (overclocked to ~2.90)


Graphics Card: Asus EAH5750 (Formula) 1GB VRAM

My fps is ~60, my ms home is never above 40, and world never above 60.

Also, since 4.0 my friends have been enduring the same loading screen problem.

I hope i will be able to solve these problems through this thread.

Thanks in advance,

Dysgraphia, Al'Akir

23:10, 23/02/11


Have you checked all of your add–ons in case another one could be the cause of loading screen freezes.

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