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11:40, 24/02/11

Dear Blizzard,

Please read this cause for concern, I have just canceled my account and I will not be returning, however this is not a whine as per say, but rather a tip as how to avoid losing half your player base when other titles come out next month, as I have played since beta and have watched the glorious days pass and you don't know how to save your own game, I will tell you. I would advise you to listen.

You cannot take out the one thing WoW had from day one that everyone loved which was the community and then manufacture something you think is great and perpetually pump it our way like rotten sewage for all these whining idiots who want the game to be spoon fed and all about loot.

See the situation is, you are stuck with loot chasing endless expansions of the same thing, no one want's the same expansion with 'different' quests, 'different' monsters or 'different' land with the same goal, it isn't different if everything has the same conclusion and outcome.. This is WoW at the moment; you could come up with a million ways to explain the taste of a bland cereal and eat it everyday day in day out but why waste your time when you can just completely change your flavor? and that's what people will be doing, unless you give them back the community they will go for that new flavor cause they are bored.

They are waking up and going to a developer that will actually listen to them. Lets face it, WoW is all re–skinned re–modeled and made to look new but we are doing the same thing over and over grinding for gear and loot no one wants to be doing this since TBC.

Anyone who says the new 1–60 content is brand new and to roll an alt is a)brainwashed b)fanboy c)really tolerant of perpetual grind and perpetual rubbish content and/or has no understanding that there is actually an outside, said person may also have a level one night elf female with no clothes for that special time of the day, In other words, any one who wants class back to this game will not settle for a polished turd.

When you have been playing the game since beta, simply changing how many of X and name of X you have to kill does not make this quest a new quest, finding some chap in some new airbrushed town does not make questing new. When you have played this long these expansions are only catering to your new players, 5–6 years is long enough for me to read a quest and compare it to one in each other other expansions.

So what do you do when you know you company is producing unrefreshed content and it worked better in previous years? You ruin it more by not making FRESH content and metrics?

Players today would rather just have their realm community back, that time when you knew every allie guild from open world PvP, even knew allie names from the forums from days the realm forums were active on banter and discussion rather than 20 pages of recruitment for raiding and pvp. You almost knew all of your server on the same faction! These days you have people abusing you on your own faction — you get called all sorts for a mis–timed heal from some one on another server I wont see again, In tol barad they watch you get ganked whilst they grind another endless day for their tol barad mount like zombies.

In the old days, I remember 2–3 guilds Grouping together as 4–5 raid groups of 40, spreading word that a world boss had spawned, and that allies were trying to down it, we would all ride into azshara and port people from all these guilds and then have epic battles faction to faction for hours. Taking it in turns fighting off horde whilst one guild attempted azurgos and failed and then the next guild would try depending on which faction was in control, is that not community? We had a pvp community, with a rank system that worked so well and you took it out and made us play with loads of people wed never see again on other realms, so our realm forums died. You introduced arena which killed pvp.

Cross realm battlegrounds ruined the community, Dungeon finder ruined the community, 10 and 25 man raiding ruined the community, why? Because now people divide themselves into categories. Elitists/PVPers/Scrubs/Noobs and aparently we arent A TEAM anymore like in vanilla. Guilds no longer require a raiding guild with 50 active online members at all times for 40 mans, this means there are an inflated amount of guilds and when there is division there is no community between people.

There is loads more reasons that you have implemented that have ruined what was once fun about this game, but your zombie fan base of endlessly grinding away virgins are happy spending 5–16 hours a day on repetitive content because all they care about is gear, so you listen to the loot ##%*@s.

Grats on ruining your own game, atleast rift will have a propper community

11:40, 24/02/11

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