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16:40, 23/02/11


Are you sure that you've updated your drivers, the DXdiag posted shows that your graphic and sound card drivers are dated 2009.

I'd ensure that you have official drivers installed for those devices as the ones that come with Windows may not always be optimized.

16:40, 23/02/11


and when i log into my characters i can play for about 1–15min without a problem then it just stops responding and then my pc freezes up

before you say this is what i tried and hasn't worked

updated my video drivers — no luck

reinstalled my video drivers — no luck

took away all my addons — still no luck

ran the repair.exe — no joy

checked the temp's — all fine and chilled

even reinstalled the game

ive talked to many gm's and people about this problem and tryed all there advice

all the fixes Ive tried do not work

such as

run the game in dx11

run the command in the config

ran the game in window/fullscreen in lowist settings and such

none of them have affect wonder what you guys would suggest

here is my dxdiag (updated so drivers are up to date)

i thought id save space here

here is my

i know your going to say «double post» and all but i updated my last one and no cm replied so i am forced to make a new one to get help on this issue

thank you for your time

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