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23:40, 23/02/11

Ok last night as many ppl are aware the servers all went down up until then my latency has nearly always been perfect or there abouts rarely exceeding more than 90ms and to my knowlege i can only ever remember getting the red screen 2x when i was downloading heavly in the background but the servers went down last night i was still online at the time login went down i knew about it thro vent and half my guild saying they couldn’t get on 5–10mins after the servers went down my latency shoot thro the roof getting up to 1000+ms this continued thro out the night but its weird it went fine again around 1 am and i healed a instance on my priest with no problems then came back around 3 am and was yo yoin up and down till 4 when servers shutdown i assumed it was something to do with wow servers since its only natural to assume perfect connection for months then servers go down latency goes up to be expected really i loged back in this morning and the problem persisting is this a server issue is any one else having this problem or do i need to start looking in to my settings and email the blue sticky at top of this page Oo also members off my guild got the first initial problem wen servers first went down but from about 00:30am all off them say the connection been fine

Would be nice to have a blue post just saying we are still having a few problems Effecting certain people should all be fine in next (X amount of time) or no every thing running fine its ur pc or isp

Oo p.s ive deleted my wtf cache and addons folder and restarted me router and pc and flushed dns firewall is also setup

23:40, 23/02/11


Its doubtful that servers going down or the authentication issues we encountered last evening would result in high latency,

I don't have all the specifics of that issue however that should be now resolved.

If you still getting high latency now then we will need to get an idea of how your connecting to the realm you play on.


Country —

Modem (and firmware if available)  —

Router (and firmware if available)

Network device (Driver version if available)

Type of connection used (Wifi/USB Ethernet) —

Operating System —

Security Software installed (Firewall, Anti–Virus)

Please also post a traceroute to the realm you are playing on. Instructions on how to produce a traceroute can be found here:

Also perform a pathping test to the same IP address to see if your losing any packets along the way.

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