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17:20, 23/02/11

A few weeks ago, my wife was playing World of Warcraft when it crashed. A short while later the operating system (Windows XP not sure of the SP) hung. Not being very technical, she could not accurately describe what she did or the nature of the hang.

I did everything I could to restore the system, but it was dead as a doornail. It's a dual boot with Kubuntu on the other install, and I was able to back up all the data from the disks and even play World of Warcraft using Wine without problems (well not too many — the graphics is a bit sucky and getting sound to work was tricky).

So…not a hardware problem.

Anyway I reinstalled Windows XP Professional SP3 on the original Windows partition, and then was able to quite happily run World of Warcraft. Sure I was missing loads of apps I had previously had installed, but I figured I would install them as and when I needed them.

So my wife just rang up to say she was playing World of Warcraft when it disconnected her and then the computer hung.

I've seen one other report on the internet of something similar happening, but the person offering advice suggested hardware failure and there was no follow up, so…

I suspect that somehow some system file has got corrupted, don't know how.

My wife said something about seeing a report from Windows virus scanner about a virus being detected just before it hung last time, but we don't have Windows virus scanner running!

I really don't want to get into a cycle of reinstalling Windows every few weeks. I'd be quite happy to do away with it altogether, but we really can't run WoW under Linux. Firstly the graphics is slow and often just…wrong, terribly wrong. Although we've had that a couple of times running under Windows recently too. Secondly half the buttons on the gaming mouse she uses just don't work under Linux and there are no Linux drivers for the mouse either


I'm going to investigate it tonight but I guess I just wanted to see if anyone else has ever had this problem. Whether it might be a bug in WoW or whether someone is somehow infecting my installation of WoW.

17:20, 23/02/11


No game can cause that kinds of damage, if your OS fails that normally down to corruption, either through infection or hardware failure.

World of Warcraft is an application that runs via the operating system but has to ability to modify or change the operating system.

I'd hazard a guess that the system is question either has a faulty or failing Harddisk drive or possible malware/virus infection. Might be a good idea to invest into installing some sort of Anti–virus protection on the machine.

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