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22:20, 23/02/11

Hello all,

About a year ago, I created a second payed World of Warcraft account. I played on it for a month, and due to a move, I forgot about the account. Today, a relative has asked me if I had a spare WoW account so that he might play with me. My answer was the following :

«Yes, I do. However I haven't played on it for a year. Besides, I do not remember the account's password and it hasn't been converted to».

Is there a way of retrieving it ? Bearing in mind it is a very old, inactive account, does it still exist ? Does Blizzard ever delete accounts ? Another problem is the fact that I only remember the account's name, and not its password.

Is there anything that I can do ? Any clarifications on the matter would be much appreciated.

Have a nice evening,

Kokmaster — level 85 Protection Paladin

22:20, 23/02/11

Actually the correct answer to your relative would have been «No we're not allowed to share accounts, but you can get your own one!».

If they are thinking of joining the game, then why not sign them up through our Recruit a Friend service? Not only do they get some handy in–game benefits, but you get a shiny rocket to fly around on!

Information about this service can be found here if you are interested.

# 24/06/2010 Recruit–a–Friend

However if you wish to unearth your old account for your own use, then you are welcome to contact our Account and Payment team as already kindly pointed out by our regulars.

I would also strongly suggest that you think about getting a name change. While you may think it's amusing, it's also inappropriate and breaks our naming policy.

22:50, 23/02/11


Taken from our naming policy which can be found here.{_amp_}articleId=50140#1


This category includes both clear and masked names which:

* Are mildly inappropriate references to human anatomy or bodily functions

* Are otherwise considered objectionable

* Are illness/disease names (Cancer, Tetanus, etc)

If a player is found to have such a name for their character, guild, arena team, or pet, he/she may:

* Be assigned a randomly generated temporary name, to be changed via the online ticket system

* Be given a warning

* Be temporarily or permanently suspended from the game

Glad to see you managed to get your old account back though.

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