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15:01, 24/02/11

hello players and, hopefully, blues,

there are some major issues i'm seeing in the game, and even though there are threads with over 100 pages of players complaining about a single issue, not a single blue!

i don't understand how a 1page topic on «to quest or not to quest» can get a blue, whilst a 100 page thread of angry druids can't.

blizzard is:

a. denying the error they made,

b. clueless of what to do,

or c. just not willing to reply because they like to see us grumpy.

the only one that really makes sense to me is a.

and since a lot of players are saying blizz is all about the money i did some calculations:

over the druid forum alone I've seen 42 people saying that they are canceling their subscription. (i just checked for like 5 mins)

well most of these are probably not going to but anyway:

over the upcoming year that will result in the loss of 6546 euros and 96 cents (6546,96 (!))

but I'm drifting off, i really want just a single blue saying anything at all about the removal of powershifting. just a single one!

does anyone have any idea on how to make them notice us?

anything that involves mooning in front of the Blizz campus is a no no.

15:01, 24/02/11

The best way to get our attention is to post your feedback and concerns in a constructive manner. Although we may not always be able to reply to your concerns, we do read them and take them seriously, so there is no need to engage in unique or elaborate forms of attention seeking.

This is also a topic we have addressed before:

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