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15:20, 24/02/11

Hey fellas, i have a question,

Since a few days, like 4 days, i keep getting internet disconnects when playing wow. Let me explain what happens….

I log in with no trouble, i can play for like 5–15 mins, sometimes its 5 sometimes its just over 10 minutes before my total internet disconnects. I actually see a red X in the internet icon in my taskbar on the bottom right, then it becomes an ! mark and then a globe again and my internet is back in business. I lose connection to skype and my internet radio aswell but thats logical when my internet stops.

The disconnect lasts for like 1–2 mins and then it works again. THIS only happens when playing wow! When iam downloading something/watching movies on youtube or anything else there is no problem whats so ever, i can surf the net for hours and having multiple browsers open without a prob!

I also play Warhammer 40k Dawn of war2, an RTS game. This game gives me NO disconnects when played over the internet.

Things i checked b4 i asked here:

Checked firewall + anti–virus settings and checked wow is in exception list.

Disabled both to see if it would make a diff.

Updated network drivers.

Resetted modem couple of times.

Did that Flush DNS thingy mentioned on support site, twice.

Checked ports being forwarded. ( and they are)

Changed my internet cables for new ones.

Called my ISP (UPC in Netherlands) They couldnt see any out of the ordinary stuff.

EDIT: Ok just an update: I also deleted all addons i was using and cleared Cache WDB and WTF folders. Problem still persists…..

Does any1 have a clue what i can do more??

Thx in advance,


15:20, 24/02/11


Could you tell me more about your connection please.


Country —

Modem (and firmware if available)  —

Router (and firmware if available) —

Network device (Driver version if available)  —

Type of connection used (Wifi/USB Ethernet) —

Operating System —

Security Software installed (Firewall, Anti–Virus) —

Please also post a traceroute to the realm you are playing on. Instructions on how to produce a traceroute can be found here:

Also perform a pathping test to the same IP address to see if your losing any packets along the way.

16:20, 24/02/11


Try updating your network card drivers to a more current release first of all.{_amp_}PNid=13{_a...

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