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22:30, 23/02/11


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22:30, 23/02/11

So I wanted to quote the roleplaying policy a little while ago.

As usual I know, I can find it in the left menu in the wow–europe site. Well.

Wow–europe redirects to this new battlenet site. No problem, this site looks good.

But where is the policy?

I know it is linked when I try and go to another RP server. It was not. I lurked around my server menu, nope — no luck, maybe it is because I have a character on a RP server.

I will not lie. After searching for half an hour I finally found it by clicking on support, support articles. And then browsing my way there.

So I thought I'd post a little question in the website/forum forum.

Any issues regarding the website or any of its many features can be reported in the dedicated forum, found here:

  •  — This from

    The sticky of this forum.

    Which redirects to, the forum main site.

    I'm confused.

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