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16:20, 24/02/11

Are video games a sophisticated medical equipment important?

Processed by Yehuda Alida's article, published on PC Magazine April 2005.

Many readers have asked me why my column I express contempt for our games

Why I do not believe in people investing capital, time and talent to build

Computers — the sole purpose to play and win. True, I myself am not enthusiastic about

Especially games, but not why.

In general, I do not disparage the value of games, and people who find the game

Harmless escape the harsh reality. What bothers me is relatively speaking

Invest in entertainment than other important objectives. Disturbing

I have no trouble raising $ 100 million to create adventure film

Entertaining, but you — you can raise a similar amount to eradicate malaria

Poor tropical country, or to stop at the edge of the desert locust.

Getting back to computers and games, bothers me a flourishing industry developed

Of hardware and software for games, but computer companies try to implement

Advanced technology in medicine, still face problems financing.

Every three months we see a new generation of computer games software

Amazing graphics, but still did not see a technological solution that will ensure

«Artificial vision» for the blind. There are thousands of types of rods game

(C Mystics), rudders, pedals, rugs and Keyboard games, but no

Smart prosthesis amputee arms or legs. Players can choose between

Hundreds of sound systems exceptional, with six, seven, or eight channels

Sound «not of this world, but deaf people still need to read lips

Or hand movements.

I am convinced that if only a fraction of the money, the time and talent

Invested in developing hardware and software was upgraded electronics games

Medically, we would see dramatic progress in one of the important areas

Most of humanity, in the medical field. Resources currently invested in

Medicine mainly for diagnosis, but not the development of sophisticated medical equipment

Help for the disabled in daily life.

Games are an important activity for people of all ages. Games are also

One of the world's largest industries, if not the largest. If we consider the

The many resources invested in all types of entertainment, from theater performances

To football, we hundreds of billions of dollars a year. God forbid I do not disparage

Central in all — that human activity, but we must not forget that play

They butter the bread. First of all have to worry about everyone has bread, only

Else — so start thinking if it's time to add the butter.

Even in sports, which is a kind of game, is widely used technologies

Advanced to achieve a fraction of many athletes benefit and interest in suspense

Viewers. Innovative and expensive raw materials find their way into the skeleton of a bike

Race, the bat golf, sports cars and dedication that are used for competition.

All that's fine because if the technology already exists, why not

Also used to things »not serious"? I do not want to invest less

Games — I just hope that will increase the investment in some subjects

I seem more important, especially in the field of medical engineering. I think

Limited investment in this area is an insult to mankind, moral default

Needless never warn him cry out.

Now it is my opinion.

I wanted to present it as an event that can be done or medical assistance worldwide.

What Sahatkoonti Huashhiah event was a fundraising event locations in the game to them could be to pass a number as we want our money (gold and silver….).

thank you yuvalal

16:20, 24/02/11

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