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14:30, 24/02/11

Hello there, Blizzard!

I am making this post due to complications with my account.

It gets locked very frequently, and after googling and looking around, I found out it is because my IP address changes quite often.

So, I have TWO suggestions to make here so that account security is more comfortable for the players.

Note, not two suggestions to choose between, but two different suggestions.

One: Make a box on the account management page that you can check if you don't want the automatic account–lock system to lock your account due to frequent IP–changes. (Because I, and pretty many other players too, have divorced parents, and live two places.)

Two: Go back to the (3–4 weeks ago) older automatic mail that is sent when your account gets locked. When you could click the link provided, enter old password, and new password times two.

At the moment, the e–mail's I get, provides a link to the password–reset page, where I have to sign in to change password, but I can't because my password has to be reset first.

It kinda creates an evil circle, a kind of paradox.

What I tried to do was to go to account support at, and fill out the information you needed to validate me. However, my activation key was bought 6 years ago, so I have no idea where to find it, so that was not an option.

I then tried the secret question/answer option, but could not remember the question. That did not get me far.

After a while, I tried the «Forgot Password?».

It provided the question, so I only needed to answer it. A lot easier.

Please, please, pretty please with cupcakes, sync the actions that are done when recovering account, between Forgetting password and recovering account.


14:30, 24/02/11

Thanks a lot for your feedback Fendrel. We are constantly refining and improving the way our internal security systems work and our objective is to keep any false negatives to an absolute minimum.

In the meantime, I would encourage you to continue being vigilant with regards to account security and these threads should help you with that:

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