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20:30, 24/02/11

Ok lets start when i run Launcher.exe and pres the play button the game starts but the screen is black there is sound i can even log in and when i say log in i mean i can type my password press «Enter» and it logs in but i still cant see anything but the strange thing is that when i start the Wow.exe and bypasses the launcher it starts normally no issues and the black screen problem dont only exist when i play wow or starts wow it allso exists in some of my other games for example when i try to start Far Cry 2 the screen is allso black there is sound i can interact with the game but as i said the screen is black

My grapic card details

Name: Intel HD Graphics (Core i5)

Report Date: 2/24/2011

Report Time[hr:mm:ss]: 18:6:4

Driver Version:

Operating System: Windows 7 (6.1.7600)

Default Language: Danish (Denmark)

DirectX* Version: 10.0

Physical Memory: 3884 MB

Minimum Graphics Memory: 32 MB

Maximum Graphics Memory: 1696 MB

Graphics Memory in Use: 55 MB

Processor: Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2

Processor Speed: 2317 MHz

Vendor ID: 8086

Device ID: 0046

Device Revision: 12

At last if this information not is enough please leave a reply with the information you need and i will do my best to get them to you

And the reason that i seek help here and not another place like the manufactor of my video card is that i can play wow without any problems if only i start it in another way please help

thank you in advance

20:30, 24/02/11


This is most likely linked to the graphic chipset your using and that the driver support is limited or does not fully support the shader effects used in–game.

Outside of getting a dedicated graphic card, where possible, you can try disabling the Shaders used in–game.

1) Close down the game

2) Locate the World of Warcraft installer folder

3) Open WTF/ with Notepad

4) Add the following line to the end of that file SET FixedFunction «1»

5) Save that file then restart the game.

This should reduce or stop the crashes.

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