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15:21, 23/10/12

So i give my reasons after waiting not leveling but waiting at PC 10–6PM no rare mob spawned… to tame i thought ok i keep waiting as it spawn time is 6–17 hours while constantly ganked by level 90s killing lowbies in low level zones for fun….

Oh…and these people are not from my realm? little did i know after 3–4 dungeons i decided come back to the spot he spawns and wait till 1am still no spawn so i must of missed him

No biggie right?

I check at 5am and then fell asleep and was AFK so i logged back in at 9am a full 23hours of waiting

And it spawns and what happens a little fat dwarf takes it from Grim Batol realm….


I would'nt care if he was from my realm but NO he took the pet that was 100% MINE it was guaranteed mine because no one else was around but because of your stupid CRZ i lost a whole 24 hours of leveling and game time and fun to waste 23 hours of my life waiting for a rare spawn for it to be taken because of CRZ?

Also i might add while i am here Resources are being stolen in low populated realms by other realm people abusing CRZ party or sometimes just a normal CRZ stealing resources there not entitled for because IT ISNT THERE REALM

Also i may add that more and more people spam dungeons to level now and you hardly find low level people leveling in CRZ? but wasnt that whole point of CRZ? instead you find level 90s camping for kills on low levels

What does this do it makes the AH prices go up and low level items are hard to find now and leveling professions lot more harder

You bought world ganking low levels back not world PVP and destroyed lot of other aspects of WoW…

Now what has angered me the most is this… i tweeted @blizzardcseu_en about this problem and they ignored me then blocked me?

My friend saw how they blocked me for no reason as after all it is a customer service twitter page yet they didn't wanna answer me? so my friend says he will unsub from WoW if thats how they treat people and guess what?

@blizzardcseu_en blocked him on twitter aswell? this has angered me and i feel like smacking the prick

Yes i have a annual pass and i want it canceled now due to how Blizzard as blocked me and treated me unfairly and i'm disgusted how a apparently big company has done this and it goes against my personal violations and in all rights i can go to fair trade office now if i wanna be a absolute prick like the person on @blizzardcseu_en but i rather enjoyed the game up to now…and stuck with a collectors edition MoP

15:21, 23/10/12

Hey Bomgan,

If you're unhappy with the Cross Realm Zones then the best thing you could do would be provide feedback and suggestions in–game using the built in tools.

To submit a suggestion in–game:
  • Open the Customer Support window (the red question mark on your action bar).
  • Click Submit Suggestion.
  • Enter your suggestion, making sure to follow the guidelines on the submission form.
  • Click Submit.

As for cancelling your Annual Pass it would be highly unlikely you would be able to cancel as the agreement is for 12–Months but if you wanted to discuss that you could do so with our support team.

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