13:50, 11/12/13

Hi there. I have been getting a lot of WoW errors today, so I came to the forums for advice. After having very little luck I asked a few friends. They told me about a new 'bug' that is going around where someone on your battlenet would /w you a weird code type thing, and it would cause a WoW error on the recieving persons end. I wont type the code here for obvious reasons. Here's what you should do to prevent it:

Go into WoW.

Right click 'general' on the chatbox tab.

Select 'Settings'.

Untick 'Battlenet whispers'.

This fixed it for me atleast. I was getting a WoW error every 3–4 minutes. I tried to disable all my addons, to clear my cache, everything. But as soon as I turned my Battlenet chat off I have been fine.

Give it a try, and I hope it helps

13:50, 11/12/13

I'm going to lock this as it's 9 months old, and refers to a different specific issue which shouldn't occur anymore.

If you're experiencing errors, please make your own post, and link or post the most recent error log you received.



Let me know how I'm doing!


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