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19:01, 08/03/13

Not sure if this is the right place to put this…

It's about the new isle of thunder dailies. Once you reach the saurok area you transform into a saurok. Which is kinda cool. But…every time that happens I get knocked out of moonkin form. When I attack I go out of saurok form and back into my usual nelf form. So when I'm killing mobs there I have to shift into moonkin form over and over again. And it's getting kinda annoying. Is there a way you can fix this by letting me stay in moonkin form while I'm a saurok?

(another small issue: I can't see my shoulders on the armory. I kinda want the leaves on my shoulders back )

19:01, 08/03/13

This is a known issue Mitsukó and I've added it to our sticky here.

  • Druids are not placed back in Moonkin Form once the buff Skin of the Saurok is removed from the player.

In future you are welcome to report bugs to us using the in–game bug report tool.

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