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02:02, 23/02/11

This is beyond ridiculous! It's not on my end, it's not my cache and WTF folder, it's not my addons.

I'm really getting tired of disconnecting, and then, of course, logging in to find myself dead.

All other online apps run smoothly and stay connected, so it's your end, not mine. Ever since the first Hotfix Mini Patch, the disconnections have been out of control.

Please do something…what's the point of paying to play something when I can't stay connected?

02:02, 23/02/11


Can you post some network information?

* Windows Xp, Vista, or 7

* Firewall (McAfee, Norton, ZoneAlarm, etc.)

* Network Adapter make, model, and driver date and version ({_amp_}articleId=21137 ) **Look at the last set of steps**

* Router brand and model # (this should be printed somewhere on the front or back or bottom)

* Cable or DSL Modem brand and model #(this should be printed somewhere on the front or back or bottom)

* ISP (Internet Provider)

* Is the connection wired or wireless

* Location (City, State)

* Traceroute ( )


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