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03:46, 23/02/11

Anyone figure out the bits on the 6th return of GetCompanionInfo for mounts? Maybe it was on old forum and lost in the changeover, but I can't find anything.

It seems to indicate what kind of mount it is. The second bit maybe 1 if it can fly, 0 if it can't.

Some examples:

12 0000 1100 Abyssal Seahorse

29 0001 1101 Seems to be a «standard» land mount

07 0000 0111 Seems to be a «standard» flying mount

31 0001 1111 headless horseman and x–51 nether rocket

There doesn't seem to be a change whether a mount is «slow» or «fast». Or at least on my lowbie a level 20 mount is 29, same as a slow or epic land mount on my 85.

03:46, 23/02/11

The 6th return is a bit field:

Ground 0x01

Fly 0x02

Float 0x04

Underwater 0x08

Jump 0x10 (ex: the turtle can’t jump)

With the merging of air/ground/water mounts you will see some of these flags are mostly on (like ground and float).

Previously they had more meaning when there was less overlap.

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