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02:02, 23/02/11

This is all on my brother's computer…

He has an i5 quad–core, 8gb ram, brand new mobo and brand new 460 GTX from nVidia — Win XP Pro. When we put his machine together, WoW ran incredibly smooth with stunning graphics. Then we get the patch, and his video went bonkers.

Right now, he has to play in windowed mode with all graphics settings at their minimum just to log in. He gets MASSIVE screen tearing/rendering problems (the whole world looks like it's on an acid trip, etc.). He has latest drivers from windows, nVidia, WoW (Cata), and every other piece of hardware in his machine.

In other posts, people running the exact same card — often with less specs on their other hardware — have all settings maxed with 60+ fps. His problem occurs anywhere, so it's not specific to a certain zone/toon/spell/effect, etc.

Yes, we've done all the WTF/Cache folder removal, used the repair tool, tried older drivers, tried the /console fixedfunction 1 and even the dx11 «tricks», and nothing has solved the issue. The card tests fine with benchmark and mem/video test utilities and WoW is the only application where problems exist.

There shouldn't be any reason he can't run with (near) maxed video settings in whatever screen mode he wants — his system specs are WELL above Blizzard's requirements and none of these issues started happening until after that big patch shortly after Cata came out and he isn't the only one having these issues.

The only thing he can do to keep playing, is when he sees the screen start giving the funky textures/tearing, he re–sizes the window (forcing the card to re–render everything) and the problems go away for a short time. Occasionally, the game will freeze and hard–lock his machine requiring a hard reboot (not even «ctrl–alt–del» works).

He got a blue–screen earlier tonight which clearly said it was a driver problem. While I certainly agree there is something wrong between WoW and the nVidia drivers, what can be done at our end while we wait for Blizz and nVidia to get on the same team again? And why is my machine (I have a different nVidia card but use the exact same drivers) not having ANY problems what–so–ever?


02:02, 23/02/11


The latest Nvidia drivers have been reported as unstable by many users so we're currently recommending people revert to the 260.99 release.

I'd also like to see your file along with your gx.log file please.

Edit out the account name first if it's showing in the config file. The gx.log file is located in your World of Warcraft\Logs folder.

Another possible problem is if you have ASus' Gamer OSD app installed. It can cause a lot of problems so we're recommending it be uninstalled if you have it.


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