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02:17, 23/02/11

Something on your system or connection is blocking the downloader.

Try this first:

Go to the Control Panel and open up Internet Options.

Click on the Connections tab.

Click the button called «LAN Settings»

Uncheck all of the options on that screen.

Then try again.

If that does not work, go back in and check the box to «Automatically Detect Settings» and test once more.

It could also be a permissions issue.

Make sure that you are on the administrative account for the computer, and if you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7 try right–clicking on the shortcut and running as administrator instead of double–clicking.

If that does not work, you can also try to take ownership of the entire World of Warcraft folder, which can sometimes fix this.

How to take ownership in Vista/7:

How to take ownership in XP:

If you are still having issues, check to make sure that your antivirus is not detecting a false–positive in the program and blocking the patch. If it is, you will need to flag the file as safe.

I have also seen people have success by disabling their antivirus temporarily.

02:17, 23/02/11

it reads «Launcher cannot obtain patching information, please check your internet configuration.»

My internet is completely fine it just won't patch… what the hell is going on????

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