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04:23, 23/02/11

Heya Staunch,

Glad you did not visit the link, please do not add them on your post, others may click on it without reading what it is.

You should always check the email headers of the emails you receive from us, here is some information that can show you how to verify if an email is legit or not.

    What should I look for in the header?

    Email headers contain information about the sender (who sent the email message), the path the email took to reach your inbox, and things that may have happened to the email before arriving. This information is very important and can be used to determine whether or not an email is malicious.

    Once you've accessed an email's header information, you'll want to attempt to verify the sending address. To do this, look at the «Return–Path» or the «originating address» for the email. For most phishing emails, the email address displayed in this location will differ from the address displayed in the «From» field.

      A legitimate header from Blizzard Entertainment should look something like this:



      Return–Path: < >

      Received: from ([XX.XXX.XXX.XXX]) by…

      Received: from … by …

      for <Your Email Address>; Tue, 29 Jan 2008 10:46:05 GMT


      To: You’re Email Address

    Please forward the email to , at your earliest convenience. When forwarding the email, copy and paste the entire email header into the message body to ensure that we are able to identify the source. This information will help us prevent future phishing emails of the same type.

04:23, 23/02/11

I'm not sure if this is the place to post it, but it seemed like it fit the best. I recently received a warning from the e–mail address which contained the following text:

Category of Violation: Inappropriate

Account Action: Warning


We are writing to inform you that due to your language or behaviour we have, unfortunately, had to add a warning to your World of Warcraft account. It is with regret that we take this type of action; however, it is in the best interests of the World of Warcraft community as a whole and for the integrity of the game.

Please note that should any further violations of our Rules and Policies occur, this incident will be taken into consideration when determining the consequences to your account. This could include further warnings, account suspension or account termination.

We strongly suggest you review our rules and policies on this category to avoid further action in the future, these can be found at: here

Please do not reply to this email as you will receive an automated response. If you have any further enquiries regarding your account status, please send them to:


Game Master Team




Game Master

Blizzard Entertainment

It was actually until i was about to post in this forum asking if it was real that i believed it. Then i went to copy/paste the links it has in it to make sure they were legitimate and found out the link hidden behind the «here» in the second paragraph actually links here:


Which is clearly not a blizzard site.

If this actually is a real misconduct e–mail, please tell me. But as far as i can tell, it's a rather well–done spam e–mail. I haven't clicked the link, and i suggest anyone reading this avoids going to that website… i don't know what horrors lurk there, but it uses that ref=__ trick to make it look like the World of Warcraft website.

Probably steals your password or something.

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