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13:43, 23/02/11

We are constantly combating these, Kam.

I gather a lot myself, I do know exactly what you are going through.

I would also point out, while your suspicions in many cases may be correct, you cannot know for a fact someone is botting from a player's viewpoint.

Please do report these when you see them and they can be looked into on an individual basis. That may give some temporary relief, but it's a little like stomping cockroaches, more WILL come in to take their place. These by and large are compromised account being used as a tool. When that tool wears out, they get another — which is why we use far more efficient methods to deal with them

When players stop giving these folks gold, there will be no need to bot or compromise accounts, or scam or spam. That's the root evil to all of it.

Remember, friends don't let friends buy gold!

13:43, 23/02/11


I have recently gotten my Druid's mining up to 525, and excited that I could spend some quality time farming up some ore, and making a decent profit on the AH…

Well, I head on out to Uldum, fly around the mountains areas that have lots of ore nodes (according to Wowhead) and spend about 2–3 hours. I ended up with 1–2 stacks of ore because i would have 2–3 bots swoop down on top of me.

This game has been overrun by afk Botting Farmers.

Now, here is the solution that would not cost Blizzard much more money to maintain and it would create jobs for those of us who would like to become blizzard employees / GMs.

Have a few GMs sit near nodes in various zones (mainly in Uldum / Twilight Highlands), weather it be a Ore node or a Herb node, and I guarantee you will see a few people acting very bot–like. Then have the GM follow them to confirm their suspicion, try to whisper them or whatever. Then Ban them if they are really botting.

Here are some things you can look for:

 — Bots will always dismount before attempting to gather a node. Usually a yard or two off the ground

 — They tend to get stuck on tree branches for a few seconds before «unsticking» themselves

 — The delayed reaction between dismounting and actually starting to mine / herb is very noticeable. (If you just got to a node and saw someone trying to get it too… you wouldn't take your time starting to mine / herb the node. You would get it and get out as fast as possible)

 — Bots like to fly down on top of you and try to take the node regardless of weather or not you are currently mining / herbing that node. (for example, you start mining / herbing, a bot swoops down and starts on that same node, even though you are already halfway done, and after you get the node and are mounting up, they are still doing their mining / herbing animation… a tell tale sign of a bot)

I think blizzard should stop relying on Warden to catch these guys, because obviously it is not working at all.

You can fool a program, it is a lot harder to fool a human trained to look for bots.

Thats all i can think of at the moment. If anyone has suggestions of what to look for please post it here….

I think this would be the best solution to the botting / hacker problem.

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