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19:54, 23/02/11

Hi i need a gm to move my character for me on Norgannon

name is Voldamor–Norgannon class is mage place is stormpeaks if you could move him to a inn would be great i keep crashing when i log on to him this also happened before with my warrior on azjol–nerub and was fixed by a move but the first time didnt work i guess i waited to long but the 2nd time the gm had me log in to check and it worked. please help me out i need to make gold on him bad i just got epic flying with him

and im loged in currently on Mondin–Norgannon with an open ticket on the issue

19:54, 23/02/11

Moving you would only sidestep the issue if you have a certain integrated video card. A fix would be better. Can you tell us more information about your computer? You can find most of the information if you go to Start — > Run — > dxdiag (or on Windows Vista/7, Windows Key + R — > dxdiag)

I'll need the following info:

System tab

Operating system:

System Manufacturer:

System Model:



DirectX Version:

Display tab

Device Name:

Driver Version:

Driver Date:

Driver DDI Version:

DirectDraw Acceleration:

Direct3D Acceleration:

AGP Texture Acceleration:


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