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04:13, 24/02/11

ok so i was getting a new font addon for it was annoying so i changed it manually works but now im unable to enter my password i can put in my authenticator but not my password not sure why just wondering if anyone may know why or experienced it and fixed it by chance

04:13, 24/02/11


New addon = password not working? Sounds like you may have installed some malware.

Remove the addon first obviously and see if it works then, but still, it'd be wise to run a few malware scanners.

When you run the scans, have the World of Warcraft launcher started and type random letters into the account name, password, and authenticator fields if applicable, without hitting the Login button, just leave the program running like that while you scan.

Malwarebytes to scan the computer:

A–Squared download:

Avast Free Antivirus:

Norton Power Eraser:

Microsoft Security Essentials:


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