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01:23, 24/02/11

Ok just right now i got this malware that bypassed my avast, usually avast warns me that a website is bad, usually firefox even tells me in bold red letters not to go into a non safe website but for some reason i got this bad virus that tells me my hard disk is corrupt and it cant be fixed.. i almost fainted here in my chair and i found out i can still surf and the alerts seemed..grammatically challenged (private files at risk!!!) i am completely disappointed at avast and i am no considering to use AVG but i heard that this is very much of a memory hog and will derail my wow playing..i would love to hear your advice and tips thank u.

btw i use malware byte to try to remove the malware, i am still in the process of removing it at this moment.wish me luck..

01:23, 24/02/11


On that note, you shouldn't run two or more real–time scanning apps at once. Choose one, and then run several malware scanners on demand every so often based on how much you use your pc on–line. Personally, at home, I use Nortons Internet Security (2010 still) and it does ok for me. I scan with Malwarebytes every so often as well. They rarely detect anything though. Norton stops the bad sites pretty well for me.

Other notable scanners could include:

ComboFix download: (read instructions before using as it could mess your system up)

A–Squared download:

Avast Free Antivirus:

Norton Power Eraser:

Microsoft Security Essentials:


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