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21:03, 24/02/11

So I go to TotFW25 tonight, and we pull — then I stay in for 4 seconds. It hits me, I can't even move; so, I take the oppurtunity to take a trace route.

Traceroute has started…

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets

1 home ( 4.238 ms 1.273 ms 2.647 ms

2 * * *

3 * * *

4 * * *

5 * * *

6 bb1–g4– ( 21.753 ms 21.618 ms 21.308 ms

7 ( 76.083 ms 76.032 ms 75.733 ms

8 ( 77.214 ms 76.809 ms 76.965 ms

9 mdf001c7613r0003–gig–10– ( 76.468 ms 76.873 ms mdf001c7613r0004–gig–12– ( 77.295 ms

10 ( 77.636 ms !X ( 76.873 ms !X ( 76.930 ms !X

Keep in mind any other application that runs on internet runs like a boss. So it's definitely something wrong on your end. This isn't intended to be a rage thread, but please fix you're sh*t .

21:03, 24/02/11

Low FPS is very rarely due to ISP. I think we are confusing on what we define as lag. This might be related to crashes, which is why you will want to create a new post and post the crash log. Settings on the Mac are most of the time the culprit for low FPS unless something major happens like changing the engine which happened in 3.3.5 to 4.0. Sometimes internal settings you can't see can change it's performance (SMC, permissions, disk access, etc). Normal system maintenance is always recommended to keep your Mac in tip top shape.


Mac Tech Support || Tues–Sat 9 AM — 5 PM CST

Can't find a resolution on the forums, contact a Support Rep directly: — –– — Show some love to this boomkin

It's the return of the Mac, you know that i'll be back, oh oh ohhhh!!

My name is TonyM but you can call me Tony Mac, no seriously, they call me that..

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