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11:43, 24/02/11

Here are the contact numbers.

Billing and Account Services

Phone Support — 1 (800) 59–BLIZZ (1 (800) 592 5499)

Live Representatives Available 7 days a week, 7am to 8pm Pacific Time

    Canada 1–800–592–5499

    United States 1–800–592–5499

We have also provided the following numbers for our international customers:

    Argentina 0800–333–0778

    Australia 1–800–041–378

    Chile 1230–020–5554

    Mexico 001–888–578–7628

    New Zealand 1–800–452–520 — 7AM — 5PM NZST

Further contact information can be found here…

11:43, 24/02/11

Hi, I went to my Local Store today to buy a Vanilla mastercard, ($50 since i live in Canada nad I wouldnt be able to get a Server change with $25 Canadian) So, i buy the card, I go home, it wont let me get a server change! it says:

An error has occurred on this page Please verify that all information entered matches what appears on your card.

If all information entered is verified and the transaction is still unable to be processed, please select a new payment method and/or contact your financial institution.

I Registered my Postal Code on it, but it still refuses to Work! someone Help! T_T

Edit: Im from Canada, does that effect it?

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