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20:03, 24/02/11

Do you have a chance to write down any of the error? If so, post that here as it will help in trouble–shooting.

Go ahead and post your DXDIAG here so we can have some more info on your system.

To obtain the systems diagnostic files, follow the instructions below:

To obtain the DXDIAG file:

1. Press the Windows Key (the key with the Windows logo on your keyboard) + R (at the same time).

2. Type in DXDIAG and press Enter or click 'OK', this will open the DirectX diagnostic tool.

3. Click on the 'Save All Information' Button (save this file to your Windows desktop and name it dxdiag).

Now copy and paste the information to this thread.

20:03, 24/02/11

After choosing my toon and entering the world, of warcraft, I get stuck right after the game load is done.. It stays at the end of the loading bar for approx. 1 minute and than, blue screened to reboot. Error: stop: 08x…..

I have went through the mandated blizzard «crash» course and have proceeded with no luck! any help would be great! i'll upload specs if needed

20:53, 24/02/11
Card name: Intel® 82945G Express Chipset Family

Your video card is not supported for the game and cannot run the graphics.

However you can try a few things to see if they allow it to function, such as updating your video drivers to the most current.

If that does not work, try the following:

If you can enter the game (on Windows Vista, right–click on the game icon and choose Run As Administrator), login on any character, and type the command on the following line into the chat for any character:

/console fixedFunction 1

If this works, you will receive no feedback. Exit the game and try again.

If you cannot enter the game, make sure the game is not running, and then download the following file onto your computer, into a place you can easily find it, such as your desktop:

Once saved, navigate to your World of Warcraft folder, and copy it inside the WTF folder. When you start the game again (on Windows Vista, right–click on the game icon and choose Run As Administrator), the file may disappear, but the game will accept the settings, and then should work normally.


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