00:47, 17/09/13

I've been gone from WoW for a year. Trying to get it installed again on my computer. I have the physical disks for original WoW, Burning Crusade, Lich, and Cata. When I went to redownload the digital Mists of Pandaria update I bought it keeps sending me to the World of Warcraft download client. Ok, I thought fine whatever. I ran it. It doesn't look like it installed MoP expansion at all… the launcher looks like Cata and is stuck downloading update at 97%. The current launcher says v4.0.0.12911 at the top. I tried several things to fix it…. deleted the Battlenet folder per instructions on the support site. Tried the repair tool. It says «Repair is unable to find the necessary data on our servers. Please reinstall the game to play World of Warcraft.»

Just to be clear…. I installed original WoW using my disks… then installed each expansion leading up to MoP with physical disks. Everything seemed to install ok until after I got Cata installed. Then it went into update mode and hangs with 966.8 mb left to download. And I have no clue how I'm suppose to get MoP reinstalled.

00:47, 17/09/13

Sleepercell, you'll want to either use the Mists of Pandaria disc to install or the download. There's no need to start with first World of Warcraft disc, and work your way up with each expansion disc.

There's a good possibility that a security may be preventing the download and installation from completing. If you have any type of security program, please try each step below:

1) Configure your security program.

2) Disable your security program.

3) Uninstall your security program, and reinstall it afterwards.


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