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11:50, 06/03/11


I hope anyone can help me with this odd error that I constantly get when I launch World of Warcraft.

I keep getting this error:

Runtime Error!

Program: D:\…\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe


  • floating point support not loaded
  • I have recently got a new computer specifically to play World of Warcraft, and it's killing me that I can't play the game. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate and I have already tried some solutions:

  • Updating my drivers
  • Uninstalling/Reinstalling DirectX/NET Framework/C++
  • Formatting my hard drive
  • A virus scan using Norton Antivirus ( If you know a better virus scanner, don't hesitate to tell me)
  • Using RegClean to clean my Registry
  • The Repair tool also gets the same error
  • I think the problem comes from a virus that isn't found by my Antivirus, so I will replace it as soon as possible.

    I would really appreciate any help on this problem.

    Update: I removed Norton, and Installed Microsoft Security Essentials, and it immediately found Win32/Parite.B viruses…

    11:50, 06/03/11

    Hi Glacialsnow

    Did removing that virus help at all? Is the issue continuing?

    18:40, 06/03/11

    This type of error is most commonly seen in systems that are infected.

    Also, make sure that your Windows updates are all up to date.

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